2007   MAY 4   #124

Tony Richards - Three Cheers for General Ike

Tony Richards - Three Cheers for General Ike (3:05)

Are you tired of the 2008 Presidential Election Cycle already? Do you find little to like in the 10, 15, 20 candidates who are running around the country eighteen months of the election?

This time around, there is no incumbent president or vice president in the running, and it's the first time that's happened since... well... 1952!

And speaking of 1952, here we have Tony Richards, recorded that year on President Records, showing us the way to solve all of our presidential needs! And if you turn the record over, he'll sing it just the same way, all over again!

Is it too late for a "Draft Eisenhower" movement?

- Contributed by: Bob Purse

Image: Record

Media: 78rpm
Label: President Records
Date: 1952