2007   MAY 6   #126


Dreams (2:36)

This is a subliminal message record you were supposed to play in your kids' bedroom after they went to sleep in the late 50s or early 60s. Once you get into the late 60s and beyond, I think most kids were too jaded for this to actually work. This series had lots of practical suggestive topics, like Bedwetting and Good Manners, but for some reason they felt it necessary to encourage kids to dream fantastic dreams. I dunno, if I was a kid listening to this record while I was asleep, I think the only dreams I'd have would be of this creepy lady saying the same thing to me over and over! I've only included one instance of the basic message here- it repeats several times on the record itself. Actually, I think it'd be fun to use this instead of one of those "teach your parrot to say 'polly wanna cracker'" records. Then you could just have the parrot recite this speech to your kids all night long.

- Contributed by: Pea Hix

Images: Cover

Media: LP
Album: Dreams
Label: Life Records
Catalog: 204
Date: Late 50s / Early 60s