2007   MAY 11   #131

Don Reed / eden ahbez

A Don Reed & His Orchestra featuring The Voice Of Love - Nature Boy (2:23)
B Don Reed & His Orchestra - The Lonely King Of Rock N' Roll (2:20)

I'm not sure exactly what role eden ahbez had in the creation of this 45, but he's credited as the co-writer of the B-side with Don Reed, so I'm guessing that he was actively involved. In any event, this is definitely my favorite rendition of "Nature Boy," featuring The Voice Of Love, a sort of Bas Sheva / Yma Sumac style vocal. My copy of this is in pretty close to mint condition, which means that the distortion is inherent in the pressing. It'd be great to find the original master tape of this one. "The Lonely King Of Rock N' Roll" is a more pedestrian effort from ahbez, who probably scratched it out in 2 minutes in order to get the publishing credit on the throw-away B-side.

- Contributed by: Pea Hix

Image: Record

Media: 45
Label: A & R Records
Catalog: SR-1001
Credits: Don Reed & His Orchestra
Date: Late 1950s