2007   MAY 12   #132

B.O.S.S. - Beethoven's Fifth

B.O.S.S. - Beethoven's Fifth (3:05)

This '70's-era high school band record is mostly a pretty dismal affair, given over to sloppy covers of things like "The Surrey With The Fringe On Top" and the "Airport 1975" theme. However, the B.O.S.S. Jazz Band gets it together on one track, a funky cover of "A Fifth of Beethoven" (titled "Beethoven's Fifth" here) by Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band. The rest of the band sort of troops along for a minute as the drummer (Marianita White) pounds out a steady, unwavering beat, and then, whoa, guitar solo! It's the only one on the album, it's played by Ronnie MacDonald, and it's pretty bitchin'.

For the record, I'm not sure what "B.O.S.S." stands for; presumably "S.S." stands for Secondary School, but the band is from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia so perhaps whoever was in charge of the album cover just thought "B.O.S.S." looked cooler than "G.B.S.S.". Also, Fantasy Sound was a record company based out of Willowdale, Ontario; you sent them your tapes, and they would press the record and have the cover printed for you. I have a few other high school band records on Fantasy Sound, so presumably they were a fairly inexpensive option for getting a record put out during the '70's.

- Contributed by: Beau Levitt

Images: Front, Back, Label

Media: LP
Album: B.O.S.S. Presents Bandology
Label: Fantasy Sound
Catalog: FS23511
Credits: Director: Mr. David W. Mangle. Produced by Fantasy Sound Limited
Date: 197?