2007   MAY 19   #139

Charlie's Tune

Charlie's Tune (3:40)
Charlie's Tune (Instrumental) (2:53)

There's something oddly Orwellian about this promo 45 for Charlie Perfume. Everything about it is CHARLIE. Charlie is watching you. The song just sort of meanders on and on, breaking most of the rules of economic jingle-writing. At least they managed to cram the name of their product in a zillion times. I especially like the little stop-start bits toward the end that sort of jolt you into re-focusing on Charlie, as if they can tell your attention is probably wandering by that point. The B-side is a nice bossa instrumental. Oh, and they also include a nice Charliescope on the cover so you can find out "How much of you is Charlie?"

- Contributed by: Pea Hix

Images: Front/Back Covers

Media: 45
Label: Charlie Records
Credits: Charlie's Men, produced by Charlie's Way
Date: 1974, The Year Of Charlie