2007   MAY 22   #142

If The Bomb Falls, A Recorded Guide To Survival

What To Do In Case Of A Nuclear Attack (12:28)
Supplies Needed For Survival (9:52)

First off apologies for the transfer quality in parts of this record. Although this LP was still in its original plastic when found, there was a small hole in the plastic, in the opening of the card board sleeve which probably exposed this vinyl to whatever elements, humidity, and conditions this record was preserved in (perhaps an old moldy bomb shelter). We tried playing this with a couple of different needles to see if it made a difference, and made do as best we could. This is why you should never completely trust when people say that a record is sealed. If you have a better copy feel free to contribute :)

It seems hard to believe and somewhat out of character for a budget label like Tops to have a release like "If The Bomb Falls" in their catalog lineup. Talk about a time capsule! Otis Fodder and I opened this one up together and were blown away by all of this record's contents: A book on how to build a "Family Fallout Shelter" by the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, another book on "Home Protection Exercises", a pamphlet on the "Facts About Fallout Protection", and a card to remind you about "Civil Defense Preparedness" and what to do "When The Warning Sounds".

I need to listen to the actual record again, but I remember it being extremely disturbing. A true time piece, that reminds me that I can't even imagine what it must have been like to live under these threats, conditions, the unknown, and suggestions of protection to calm your nerves. To be listened to, with the lights out, while sitting on the floor in the corner of a dark and musty basement. (Or under your bed).

- Contributed by: B.C. Sterrett (The Lost Media Archive)

Images: LP Front Cover, LP Back Cover, LP Label Side A, LP Label Side B, Wallet Sized Card Front, Wallet Sized Card Back, Pamphlet Cover, Pamphlet Page 1, Pamphlet Page 2-3, Pamphlet Page 4-5, Pamphlet Page 6-7, Pamphlet Page 8-9, Pamphlet Page 10-11, Pamphlet Page 12-13, Home Protection Exercises Cover, Family Fallout Shelter Front Cover, Family Fallout Shelter Back Cover

Media: LP
Album: If The Bomb Falls, A Recorded Guide To Survival
Label: Tops
Catalog: 1728
Credits: Narrated by David Wiley