2007   MAY 23   #143

Sexual Education 101: Sex And Your Daughter/Son

Sex And Your Daughter
Play Without Your Daughter Present (9:04)
Play With Your Daughter Present (19:39)
Sex And Your Son
Play Without Your Son Present (7:28)
Play With Your Son Present (18:55)

I used to have a stack of sex-ed records that I recorded to CD-Rs. Sold and got rid of them a few years back while cleaning the shelves-o-vinyl. This is the first installment where I will be sharing these recordings.

Today we have two records produced by Doctor Sims. Please do not play these for your children.

- Contributed by: Sid Safari

Media: LPs
Album: Sex And Your Daughter / Sex And Your Son
Label: RCA Custom Records (private pressing)
Catalog: FC6610
Credits: By Doctor Sims, Illinois State Medical Society
Date: 1965