2007   MAY 30   #150

Sexual Education 102: Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke - How To Teach Children The Wonder Of Sex/Sex... Should We Wait?

How To Teach Children The Wonder Of Sex
01. Introduction by Doctor Michael Romano (0:44)
02. What Children Learn About Sex Today. Ignorance or Innocence. Prudishness? Complete Liberty? Why Parents Hesitate To Teach. Who Should Teach? (22:38)
03. Love. What Is It? Different Kinds? Religion. What It Teaches About Sex. (13:46)
04. What Should A Child Know About Sex By The Time He Starts The First Grade? How Does A Baby Come Out? How Did The Baby Get In? (9:39)
05. Women's Breasts (3:29)
06. Pre-Adolescent Talks To The Girl (Menstruation). Pre-Adolescent Talks To The Boy (Wet Dreams, Masturbation) (7:06)
07. Dating - When Should It Begin? How? Where? (3:21)
08. Teenage Marriages - What Chance For Happiness? Why Teenage Marriages? (9:08)
09. What We Do To Encourage Them - "Building Blocks". Social Customs. Dress, Drink, Date, Dance, Drive. Some Suggested Guidelines To Help Young People Form Happy, Enduring, Stable Marriages. (21:30)
10. Ending Message About The Program (0:23)
Sex... Should We Wait?
11. Introduction (1:01)
12. Should We? Or Not? (8:22)
13. University Of Cincinnati: Student Comments - In Favor Of Pre-Martial Sex - In Favor Of Waiting (17:30)
14. Love, What Is It? (5:45)
15. Communications (5:50)
16. Sexual Gratification (1:19)
17. Pregnancy? Illegitimate Child (4:17)
18. Just A Legal Piece Of Paper (2:38)
19. Guilt Feelings, V.D. (1:47)
20. Can't Afford To Get Married (1:58)
21. Frequency Of Request (2:01)
22. The Chase (5:36)
23. New Freedom - Fewer Virgins? (3:31)
24. Scientific Surveys (3:56)
25. Sex Says Something (4:31)
26. Trust (6:01)
27. Reputation (1:20)
28. Man, Woman Differences (In Courtship, In Marriage) (8:10)
29. Practice Makes Perfect? (4:00)
30. Not All The Way? (6:16)
31. Night Reflects The Preceding Day (2:45)
32. You're Involved Already? (1:00)
33. Future Happiness (3:42)

Every Wednesday for the next month or so I'll be sharing sexual education records that I purged years back and dropped on discs... and now dusting the shiny round discs off... and sharing with you. Apologies for the lack of proper cover scanning. I scanned for my discs a makeshift cover with scans of both albums and so here is a cover for your discs if you choose to burn the audio (it is a partial scan of both covers).. If you just keep the digital copies, the pseudo-cover-art is embedded in the mp3 files (and will show up on your portable devices or in iTunes Cover Flow or in many other applications).

- Contributed by: Sid Safari

Media: 2 Double LPs (4 records)
Album: How To Teach Children The Wonder Of Sex (1966) / Sex... Should We Wait? (1969)
Label: Hiltz Publishing Company
Credits: By Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke