2007   JUNE 29   #180

Who Am I? Part III - The Blind Kids

1. The Blind Kids - Track 1 (3:41)
2. The Blind Kids - Track 2 (3:59)
3. The Blind Kids - Track 3 (41:25)
4. The Blind Kids - Track 4 (1:41)

I first heard these tracks in Austin, Texas, back in the early 1990s. They were part of a series of recordings by some kids at the Texas School for the Blind and/or the Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center, recorded with the assistance of members of Texas bands Crust and Cherubs, and distributed to friends on cassette. John Hawkins of Crust is the only person I am certain was involved, and all attempts to reach him have been futile. I've known John for many years, but from what I gather he doesn't use email, so if any of you know how to get in touch with him please see what you can do about helping to identify the people heard on these recordings.

The third track is a 40+ minute rant by an unnamed student who appears to be deeply resentful of a number of folks, and also his dog, Lily. No one is called out specifically (aside from the dog), though one might assume that the list includes Tonya Harding and Selena's assassin, Yolanda Saldivar. In addition to innumerable stern remonstrances, his soliloquy is laced with screaming fits of anger. Also, there are several increasingly humorous references to "Gretchen's house," which admittedly begins to sound a bit like Hell on Earth. The angry student also appears on the first song, which seems to be a synthesis of some of his more arresting complaints set to music. One of the kids is possibly named T.J., who may be the young man singing on the second song, a lively number concerning Reba McEntire, beer, robots, dinosaurs, Dracula, murder, and Arsenio Hall, and who (according to the angry guy) was viciously assaulted by someone, possibly Lily. Well, that about does it. Happy listening!

- Contributed by: Clayton Counts