2007   AUGUST 1   #213

Rev. O. W. 'Bud' Spriggs - What The Bible Says About Flying Saucers

1. What The Bible Says About Flying Saucers (19:39)
2. What The Bible Says About Flying Saucers (8:39)
3. What The Bible Says About Flying Saucers (9:39)

Try and imagine that Fox Mulder was a conservative 1960's preacher instead of an FBI Agent. One day he records a Religious spoken word LP which shared his view on the biblical connection to UFOs. You might be thinking that would be a corny plot line to Edward D. Wood JR movie, except one gentleman already did it and his name was Rev. Bud Spriggs. His LP was called 'What The Bible Says About Flying Saucers' issued on Nashville's World Wide Records. Rev. Bud Spriggs called himself the 'Chaplin of Hell' a title he received from the Mayor and City Council of Hell, Michigan (according to liner notes). The opening dialogue sees Bud in fine UFO Shtick form complete with canned laughter on the non-existent punch lines. Track one is the Chaplin of Hell's biblical interpretation of Ezekiel along with his own Cold War conspiracy theories of UFOs. Track two has Bud interviewing Sergeant Snider a Police Officer who personally observes a UFO for over two hours. The final track sees the Rev. Spriggs telling us on the world's next catastrophe and repercussions from the return of Christ. There is very little information about Mr. Spriggs is out there, a web search showed Bud's last gig was a funeral service in Georgia back in 1999. If you know of Rev. Spriggs whereabouts please drop us a line.

- Contributed by: Cousin Creep

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