2007   AUGUST 12   #224

Bob Larson battles "The Keeper"

Bob Larson battles "The Keeper" (20:01)

Bob Larson is a longtime radio minister, based out of Denver, whose emphasis has been on such perennial bogeys of the looney right as subliminal messages hidden in rock records, the straightening of gays, curing Multiple Personality Disorder and exorcising literal demons. Removing the laying on of hands from the equation, he's frequently performed his services via telephone, live on radio.

As such therapies make for inherently compelling radio, it was in Larson's interest to set aside whatever skepticism he might've otherwise had and take on virtually all appeals for his help. Such openness, however, also formed a tacit invitation to pranksters, and indeed Larson's "Talk Back" program, at the height of its popularity in the mid 1980s, was a cacophony of ersatz babblers and overreaching lispers, mixed in with the occasional sincere sufferer.

The recording here, of Larson driving out a demon he calls The Keeper, is remarkable in and of itself, yet was little more than another day at the office for the redoubtable Rev. Bob Larson.

- Contributed by: Phil X Milstein