2007   AUGUST 15   #227

Olaf a Minute...

01. Medley - Yellow Bird/Spanish Eyes (4:06)
02. Medley - Springtime in the Rockies/The Old Lilac Tree (4:35)
03. Blue River Waltz (1:51)
04. Rambling Rose (1:28)
05. Happy Times Polka (1:21)
06. Ranger's Waltz (1:14)
07. Medley - My Sweet Texas Blue Bonnet Queen/The First Night of the Full Moon (3:11)
08. Medley - Anniversary Song/Whatever Will Be Will Be (2:28)
09. Those Were The Days (1:33)
10. Gallop From Norway (0:49)

This gem of a concept album came from a charity shop in my local town in North Herts. I feel I need to mention the shop's location owing to it's considerable distance from both Norway and Canada. Why is this relevant, I hear you cry? Well, this is an album of accordion music made in Canada by a Norwegian, presumably aimed at Norwegians and those of Norwegian extraction who now call Canada their home. So what was it doing in North Herts? God knows, and he ain't telling so let's leave it at that. It's signed too!

The cover is so fab that you just have to stand in awe in front of it. And as you do, let the wonder of the concept reverberate round your head, to mix a metaphor or two. I haven't tried the recipe and I haven't danced to any of the songs, but it would make for a great theme dinner party... You doing anything Saturday?

The music is ok if you like listening to bland standards played in a matter of fact sort of way on an accordion. If that's what floats your boat this is your lucky day. It doesn't do much for me. I don't know if it is played in a Norwegian style or if accordion music is a particular Norwegian thing but I suppose it must be or why would he do it at all. Discuss.

Google is unforthcoming about our Olaf other than to point out that someone was selling this album on ebay for two dollars a while back. Bargain! No wonder he looks gloomy on the cover.

And what the hell is Chris Tarrant doing there?!? ;-)
(Original 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' host in the UK)

- Contributed by: Jon Allen

Images: Cover, Recipe

Media: LP
Album: Dining and Dancing with Olaf Sveen
Label: London
Catalog: EBX.4175
Date: 1973