2007   AUGUST 18   #230

Outtakes from the 2003 365 Days Project - Part I

In 2003 on the first run of the 365 Days Project there were a lot of contributions that did not make it online. Now in 2007 we are compiling those tracks into volumes for your download. This is the first in a series that will be featured over the next 4 months.

Electronic Communications With The Dead (flexidisc 1971)
01 Breakthrough Side 1 (10:23)
02 Breakthrough Side 2 (10:07)
03 EVP (0:26)
- Contributed by CellOne and Dave-ida

Commercial demo reels (early 1970s)
04 Unicard - Clunky Shoes (0:59)
From my collection of ancient commercial demos of the 70s, Here you are urged to spend as much as you want on purple pantyhose, clunky shoes, wiglets and the like with your UNICARD charge card!
05 Random House Dictionary - New Entries (1:01)
Another from my collection of ancient commercial demos of the 70s, Here you learn some of the hip, new words that are in the Random House dictionary, circa 1972
06 WBAI (Larry Josephson & The Laughing Cavalier) - Gay Cruising (2:08)
Here's a cart that played on WBAI that was certainly lost to history: The pre-AIDS era is in evidence as this promotes a show on Gay Cruising. "After all - you can't get cherry pie in the hardware store!" Bracketed with appropriate commentary by the Laughing Cavalier, Classical Music DJ, and Larry Josephson, veteran WBAI crabcake. Early 1980s.
- Contributed by Henry Lowengard

Rossi Forgione - Songs From The North (2000)
07 Flamingo (1:45)
08 Country Song (1:47)
Rossi was a client of our local mental health service and was part of a therapeutic music project that I read about in a local paper. I contacted the owner of the studio where the recordings were done and as I was the only member of the public to show any interest he sent me one of the (only) 50 CD's that had been pressed. Rossi is the highlight of the CD but there are other things of interest on it too. Turns out Rossi is the MC of "Club Wild" a semi-regular "all-abilities" night club that happens here in Melbourne, Australia.
- Contributed by Philip Jackson

The Ken Nordine Group (Eva-Tone Flexi)
09 Words We Live By (5:29)
A-Side to this.
- Contributed by Strictly Kev

The Kossol Sisters (45 Single)
10 Kissin Cousins (2:37)
This is an MP3 of a 45 I picked up in a second hand shop. A well-scrubbed group of singers called the Kossol Sisters singing about socially acceptable incest. It ain't Elvis' similarly named Kissing Cousins, but like Elvis, we assume they find true love in a cousin who isn't too closely related... although to me it's unclear. Disclaimer: Warning: not overtly 'incorrect', more of an amusing curiosity. Excuse the extreme scratchiness and my low tech approach to removing it.
- Contributed by Nat Pierson

The Tapiola Secondary School Chorus (Finland)
11 Royal Viking Star Waltz (1:31)
- Contributed by Robert Luhn

Heileman Old Style (78rpm Single)
12 Waltz (2:09)
13 Beer Song (2:25)
Rare to have a piece of ad music on 365 Days for a product that still exists, let alone has a current website. Old Style is a regional Midwestern beer made from 1902 onward. I'm guessing that this promotional 78 is from the 1950s, a piece of midcentury nostalgia for an even simpler time, yet long enough after the wars for a jolly German to MC. Play the polka to pump up your beer party, and save the waltz for when you're soused.
- Contributed by Drew Miller

Mrs McWiggin???
14 Phone Calls (2:51)
Phone message received in 1999. I've never owned a dog, it was the wrong number each time. It hurt to call her back and tell her so.
- Contributed by Mike Harras

WTNT - We're Talkin Northern Telecom (Nortel Coast to Coast, 1996)
15 We're Talkin Northern Telecom (27:46) [Intro, Sonet Blues, Movin Down the info highway, Deregulation Rap, Lyon Willy - Untitled Xmas Song, Winward The Skinnard, Au revoir Distance, Nortel Success, I want an OC192 for Christmas, The 12 days of Christmas, Ian Craig Babble, We Built Our Success, Goodbye, Disclaimer Rap 1, Disclaimer Rap 2, Disclaimer Sad]
- Contributed by Dr. Faustus

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