2007   AUGUST 28   #240

School Band Thrift Store Favorites

I love old school band and choir records, especially if the selections performed are unusual choices for the kids in question. I also love hearing kids who sound like they're just barely starting to pick up their instruments. I have many many of these records collected over the years, and have many favorites. Usually these kind of records only have one to a handful of redeeming tracks, so for you fans of incorrect and outsider music, Otis and I have put together a compilation of a few recent thrift store favorites (!) found both in Utah and Vermont (where I'm currently attending school. Hopefully this will also get you pumped for the upcoming school year!

- Contributed by: B.C. Sterrett (The Lost Media Archive)


1985 Lebenon Junior High - Band Chorus Chorale Encores (New Hampshire)
01. Chorale - Theme From Cheers (2:07)
02. Chorus - You Are (3:51)
03. Chorus - At The Hop (1:36)

Triton Regional School Music Department Spring 1984 (Massachusetts)
4. Junior High Band - Beat It (2:48)

Winthrop Elementary School - Spring Concert 1982 (Massachusetts)
05. One Tin Soldier (Theme From Billy Jack) (2:54)

Springville Middle School 1978-1979 - 7th Grade (Utah)
06. General Chorus - A Word from our sponsor (2:42)
07. Swing Choir - Commercials (2:11)
08. Swing Choir - What Do I See? (2:09)

Valley Junior High School - Good Vibrations, 1979-1980 (California)
09. Intermediate Choir - Be Kind To Your Parents (2:25)
10. Viking Band - The Sloop John B (3:10)
11. Viking Band - The Muppet Show Theme (1:43)

John C. Fremont Elementary School - 1971 (California)
12. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (1:50)