2007   OCTOBER 2   #275

Jerry Colonna - Music? For Screaming!!!

1 Your My Everything (2:32)
2 Down By The Old Mill Stream (2:56)
3 On The Road To Mandalay (2:24)
4 Ja Daa (2:27)
5 Can't You Here Me Calling Caroline (2:11)
6 It Might As Well Be Spring (2:09)
7 Sweet Adeline (2:03)
8 Hey, Barmaid!! (2:20)

THE MASTER OF BURLESQUE. Thats right kiddies! No, he didnt take his clothes off and do a fan dance, he sings, or screams... in key.. a very loud booming baritone. "Hey Barmaid" is a lot like Gloria Wood's, "Hey Bellboy" except for the "chipmunk" style of scat (a few years before david seville).

- Contributed by: Evil Pain Clown

Image: Cover

Label: Decca
Catalog: 5540 1954
Credits: Paul Sells Orchestra. Also released as a EP 45 ed-685