2007   OCTOBER 5   #278

Dora Hall - These Boots Are Made For Walking/Day Dream

These Boots Are Made For Walking (2:38)
Day Dream (2:39)

Ladies and Gentlemen, more from the inimitable Dora Hall!

I don't dig on the hate for Dora promulgated in some parts. She's not great, but she's no Mrs. Miller, either. And I've got a lot of love for these particular recordings, as these are the versions of these songs I listened to when I was growing up - I found the 45 at my grandmother's place, in a stack of 45s that once belonged by my mother and uncle's childhood and teenaged selves.

- Contributed by: Corey K.

Images: Label (front), Label (back)

Media: 45rpm 7" Single
Label: Reinbeau Records
Catalog: 835P-5812 DJ T5KM-5812 & T5KM-5813
Credits: Dora Hall