2007   OCTOBER 9   #282

Road To Revolution... Where The Reds Play The Blues...

The first entry here is a 10 inch I found at a garage sale. It caught my eye right away, the fellow on the cover gave me a feeling like he was really determined to walk down that road of revolution, but if he could, he would walk right over and kick my ass. So i bought it, the RED DETACHMENT OF WOMEN a ballet performed by the Peking Opera Troupe recorded by the China record company, 1972...now chinese opera is very strange to western ears, but quite enjoyable.

1 Red Detachment of Women - Side One (16:40)
  Prologue: Escape from Tigers Maw
  Scene One: Chang-Ching points out the road to revolution
2 Red Detachment of Women - Side Two (16:10)
  Scene One: Road to Revolution
  Scene Two: Ching-Hua tells of her grievances and joins the red army
Image: Cover

Next I have Toronto new wave artist BB GABOR, he passed away some time ago, but left us with some great cold war music. Recorded in 1979, on the defunked canadian label Anthem records. If you are ever in Toronto you can find his album in the 99 cent bins. Soviet jewellery was actually a top 10 hit in Toronto, a nice cold war propaganda new wave song! the b-side is my favorite.. MOSCOW DRUG CLUB, a "traditional russian sounding song" with cold war "comical" lyrics.

3 BB Gabor - Soviet Jewellery (2:38)
4 BB Gabor - Moscow Drug Club (4:26)
Image: Cover

Then we have PEE-WEE KING, a western swing 78 on RCA, "THE RED DECK OF CARDS", pure cold war propaganda music, it is a take on DECK OF CARDS, which was a country hit at the time, enjoy!

5 Pee-Wee King - Red Deck of Cards (2:59)

- Contributed by: Evil Pain Clown