2007   OCTOBER 21   #294

Don Parker throws a spitball while Jeff Godwin is off his rocker

Oh, that rock and rollin' sin-filled music. Today on this glorious Sunday let's listen to a radio broadcast with Jeff Godwin and become acquainted with some of this music. Some of which (oh mercy) you can hear on WFMU!

And then get a hold of that snowball and break it and spew a spitball outta your mouth and (whoosh whoosh) blast that fireball with Don Parker. Spit Spit Spit! Yes friends, yes friends. SPIT!

I can't recall where on god's green grass these recordings came from. My home is a disaster area of media these days. I need to purge soon before I drown. I either downloaded these years ago or (more likely) they came from old tape trades. Which, when thinking of tape trading, I am sent into a wonderful reverie recalling such books as "Cassette Mythos" and "High Weirdness By Mail" - and those exciting quarterly issues of Factsheet Five!

Jeff Godwin - Off His Rocker
Part 1 (13:01)
Part 2 (14:58)
Part 3 (12:52)
Part 4 (5:06)
Evangelist Don Parker - Snowball Spitball Fireball
Part 1 (21:08)
Part 2 (22:25)

- Contributed by: Sid Safari