2007   OCTOBER 23   #296

Charles Steven Page and Unknown Artist - 3 Demo Songs Each


Charles Steven Page
1. Armageddon (3:49)
2. Suddenly (3:37)
3. Did You Know That (3:12)

Unknown Artist
1. H.I. (3:31)
2. What Do I See in You? (3:03)
3. On the Ears of the Wind (2:47)

Longtime friend Brian S. gave me a copy of a cassette that he'd received from a "music industry insider" friend in Nashville. Sharing space with an assortment of prank calls were songs by three outsider artists. Two songs from this tape were included in the 2003 edition of the 365 Days project. The second Charles Steven Page song here ("Suddenly") was featured on day #076, and Alexandria Hughes Little's "New Anthem" showed up on day #061.

Taking full advantage of WFMU's generous gift of bandwidth, here's Mr. Page's complete three-song demo. He sings his original compositions a cappella, while Mr. Artist is backed by a small combo (perhaps overdubbed by himself). The vocal harmonies definitely sound like the lead vocalist singing with himself via overdub.

I won't editorialize about these obviously sincere examples of human expression, but let me just say that I wouldn't be a bit surprised if someday the name Unknown Artist is on everyone's lips.

- Contributed by: Perry Amberson

Images: Page imaginary portrait, Unknown imaginary portrait

Media: Cassette
Album: Bizarro Compilation #1
Label: Shut Yer Hole Records
Catalog: SYH 004-4
Date: 1994