2007   OCTOBER 31   #304

Spooky Sound Effects

Side One (15:37)
(Storm, Dog Howling, Footsteps With Chains, Goblins Laughing, Chinese Gong, Moaning Cats, Cats, Laughing Witches, Screaming, Storm, Wind, Cats, Dogs, Squeaking Door)
Side Two (18:36)
(Ghouls Glide, Skeleton Dance, Banshee Love Call, The Dracula Drag, Dinner Music For A Monster, Outer Space Sounds, Diesel Slow Frieght, Diesel Fast Passenger, Fog Horn, Siren)

Talk about a budget label classic! I was first introduced to this LP by Jack Diamond. Side 1 is pretty standard horror sounds, but Side 2 is where the magic is found! I love these remarks by a friend which pretty much sums it up:

""Side 2 of this album is unlike other Halloween sound effect records floating around in that it is all theremin! And get a load of those track titles?! It sounds as if someone let a 5 year old kid noodle around for a while. It's super scary!"

- Contributed by: B.C. Sterrett (The Lost Media Archive)

Images: Front, Back, Label A, Label B