Samuel Beckett (1906-1989)

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Two Radio Plays by Samuel Beckett:

1. Cascando (17:20)

Written by Beckett in 1963.
Performed by Theater for Your Mother, 1979
Opener-Frank Collison
Voice-Joseph J. Casallini
Music-Lesli Dalaba, Trumpet
Music Composed by Wayne B. Horvitz

2. Words and Music (23:40)

Written by Beckett in 1962
Performed by Theater for Your Mother, 1979
Words (Joe)-Joseph J. Casalini
Music (Bob)-Leslie Dalaba, Trumpet
Wayne Horvitz-Contrabass + Harmonica
Mark E. Miller-Percussion and Vibraphone
Croak-Frank Collison
Music Composed by Mark E. Miller

Directed by Mark Lutwak

Recorded by permission of Samuel Beckett and Grove Press, Inc.
Recorded May 27, 1979 at Bayside Studios, Queens, N.Y.
Engineered by David Eng
Produced by Mark Lutwak and Leo Lutwak for Theatre For Your Mother

UbuWeb wishes to express gratitude to Mark Lutwak for generously making this important historical document available to us.


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