Samuel Beckett (1906-1989)

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... The Whole Thing's Coming Out of the Dark

1. Rule Number 1 (2:10)
2. Company I (5:11)
3. Molloy I + 2 (4:05)
4. Company II (1:49)
5. Image I (2:55)
6. Molloy III (2:21)
7. Company III (3:37)
8. Image II (3:17)
9. Company IV (3:45)
10. Molloy IV (2:40)
11. Company V + VI (2:49)
12. Molloy V (3:02)
13. Rule Number Two (1:06)
14. Image III (2:32)
15. Company VII + VIII (4:02)
16. Molloy VI + VII (3:30)
17. Rule Number Three (1:05)
18. The Image IV (2:21)
19. Molloy VIII (2:06)
20. Company IX + X (2:17)

Performed by:

Raymond Federman
Barry McGovern
Natasha Parry

Music by:

Uwe Dierksen

""...the whole thing's coming out of the dark." Samuel Beckett used this term about the origin and quality of his radio plays, especially All That Fall, in a letter that he wrote to his American publisher in 1957, and some 47 years later, this description is the subject of these tracks with texts by Samuel Beckett.

These recordings provide an issive documentation of Beckett's visual writing. These texts were Beckett's so called eye pieces together with some of his observation and movement sketches: Molloy (1951), The Image (1959) and Company (1980), three texts from different phases in the life of this Irish author and Nobel Prize laureate. They are read by the actress Natasha Parry, the actor Barry McGovern and the American author Raymond Federman.

The playing directions for the instrumentalist on these recordings (Uwe Dierksen) are derived directly from the so-called sucking stones sequence in Beckett's novel Molloy, where the auuthor has his protagonists invent three variations on the correct way to suck 16 pebbles distributed between either two coat or trouser pockets.

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