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MAX KURT/Anatomical Disseminator (2009)
  1. It Had Been Five Years At The Lugubrious Gay
  2. Scored For Ludo
  3. Movin' On Thru' To A Saturday
  4. Northern Derogatoire
  5. What's Vaunt?
  6. Haggard Grist
  7. The Avant Garde Quivers Like A Throbby
  8. Hypocrite's BBQ
  9. The Darkness Of Buggered Fry
  10. Formica Daze
  11. 2 Months Of Civic Retainers
  12. Miracles In The Breeze
  13. Walken's Kiss
  14. New John Major
  15. What Do People Do All Day
  16. Washington Drag
  17. Designer Fridge
  18. Ready Slated
  19. Big Thing For You
  20. Moor Chaps Pissing Slo-Mo
  21. Old Wreck At Tea (It Was Suddeny Sad You're Such A Dumb-Ass)
  22. What Fancies The Garden Hunk
  23. Fresh French Dick
  24. Coot's Lake Lounge
  25. Bald's Widow

Recorded onto BR in trains across England, Wales & France between August and December 2008.

Gwilly Edmondez: SU10, TCM20DV, Ac. Guit. & one of those crap Stylophones they started flogging in entertainment outlets last year but has now been trashed. The dictaphone tape in track 21 features the alto sax of Karl D'Silva, as well as one instance of Nick Herbert's trademark yaffle.

In 1989, Bernard Harrison, speaking in the Four Bars Inn, asked the questionable iADR why he refused to acknowledge atonality. iADR answered, "Because there's no such thing as atonality - it's just music that changes very quickly." The evening's composerly discourse escalated beyond that trigger to a shameful climax wherein a pathetic would-be sculptor who went by the sobriquet "Lacrimosa" smashed a pint in defence of Schnittke, bloodying the table with his cutten mit. Now, twenty years on, a new question is throbbing to be peeled: "What's reason when you insist on playing the Right Royal sucker?" How to do what with this? It's OK, Gwilly is here. To be unreasonable in the first instance, so as to elaborate through unrelenting gripes that cloy, to make a case for the frat-sorority that comprises the urbliterat. Everybody, listen to this one.

Plus/Can I say this one? - Love to all the people who got tangled up in the webbings that hit expressions done spun: Jam Dodge, Davey, Ilton, Val Persona, Sonic Fidelity, Stéphane Morisse, Nash Rose, Ludo Bunel, People Like Us & Karl. Also, now that it's all gone, I want to tell the P-DI how much I love them each and both and say thank-you very much for stoking my cola every fucking day of the years.

The first of Gwilly's MAX KURT diptych, conceived and produced especially to be released as download, proposing dissemination as electronic performance, premired on UBUWEB. Both albums represent the culmination of a mode of production that involves making tracks on the train.

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