Nurse With Wound

The Sylvie And Babs Hi-Fi Companion (1985)

1. You Walrus Hurt The One You Love
2. Great Balls Of Fur

Orchestra – The Murray Fontana Orchestra

Performer – Andrew Cox, Barry McCarus, Brian Williams, Chris Furse, Christine Glover, Darren Kingaby, David Elliott,, David Jackman, David Kenny, David Michael Bunting, Diana Rogerson, Dorothea Bendik, Edward Ka-Spel, Fiona Anne Burr, Flora McCrindell, Geoff Cox, Geff Rushton, Glen Michael Wallis, Graeme Revell, Harpunkt Fix, Iva Morgan, Jim Thirlwell, John Fothergill, John Murphy, John Orr, Jonathan Stone, Karl Blake, Laura Calland, Lisa Donnan, Marc Monin, Margaret Evers, Marlene, Mary Dowd, Nikki, Paul Donnan, Paul Hurst, Peter McGee, Ritva Ross, Robbie Sylvester, Robert Haigh, Ross Canon, Sinan Leong, Stephen Holmes, Steven Stapleton, Tathata Wallis, Tracy Roberts, Trevor Reidy, Wilf Harris, William Bennett.

In his book "England's Hidden Reverse", David Keenan describes the album as "some light relief in the early Nurse catalogue". Steven Stapleton told Keenan "I wanted to make a record that was stolen from other people's records". Gary Levermore of Third Mind Records recalled to Keenan that Stapleton was "desperate to get his hands on a copy of Roger Miller's "King Of The Road" in order to incorporate it into the forthcoming record".

Although largely collaged from easy listening records Stapleton acquired in the late-1970s and early-1980s,[4] the album boasted a large cast list of over 40 people. John Balance is one of those who is credited but he did not actually contribute. As Stapleton explained to Keenan "I'd just finished this album with about 40 people on it. He said "Can I be on it?". I said, "It's finished". He said, "I know but can you give me a credit anyway?", I said "Alright then" That was my first meeting with Balance".

Shipwreck Radio

Shipwreck Radio

By Nurse With Wound's Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter

Curated by Anne Hilde Neset and Rob Young for Lofoten International Art Festival

Produced by Eivind Furnesvik and Kunst I Nordland

A radio art intervention in Lofoten, Norway, June 2004

The string of islands off the northern coast of Norway, high up above the Arctic Circle, is better known for its dried cod and midnight sun than for sound art. Between May and July 2004, this changed as two of the UK's most respected, enigmatic sonic artists were marooned with the task of making a sonic record of their time on these unfamiliar islands.

The airwaves were hijacked as their work in progress made interventions on the local radio station Lofotradioen 104.4 FM. The piece was eventually re-edited and made into two double NWW albums for release on Stapleton's label United Dairies, Shipwreck Radio Vol1 and Shipwreck Radio Vol2.

Presented in conjunction with Electra