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Boots! (2006)

Boots! CD

Boots! Live

Research & Sketches

Dubplates from "Boots!" Performance


These recordings document a collaborative research and development process culminating in a live performance using vintage turntables and vinyl dubplates, a CDr album ("Boots!"), a 10" vinyl record ("Honeysuckle Boulevard"), and a CD album ("Perpetuum Mobile"). Using the internet and file sharing as our primary means of communication and collaboration, we experimented and explored our collaborative practices over a period of almost a year. The files available here constitute the research sketches, the CDr, and the live performance. The concert is represented here by an edit of recorded through the mixing-desk (and miked-up record players), a full unedited "microphone in the space" recording, and an archive of the tracks which were used on the vinyl dubplates - comprising music from the research period split across various records either through splits in time (so one minute of the track may play on one deck, the next three minutes on another player, etc), or through splits in the actual layers of the tracks (so two or more records playing simultaneously would create the 'full' track). We would encourage others to use the dubplate files to create new juxtapositions and recontextualisations. - Ergo Phizmiz


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